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SCCM OSD PXE problems with USB Adapters

A rather annoying issue I have come across with PXE imaging on PC’s with a USB adapter is a conflict with duplicate MAC as the adapter itself has a MAC address and does not pass through from the PC itself. If you look into the SMSPXE.log this will reveal the issue

Manage duplicate hardware identifiers

Providing a list of hardware identifiers that Configuration Manager ignores for the purpose of PXE boot and client registration, helps to address two common issues.

  1. Many new devices, like the Surface Pro 3, do not include an onboard Ethernet port. Technicians use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to establish a wired connection for purposes of operating system deployment. However, these adapters are often shared due to cost and general usability. Because the MAC address of this adapter is used to identify the device, reusing the adapter becomes problematic without additional administrator actions between each deployment. To reuse the adapter in this scenario, exclude its MAC address.
  2. While the SMBIOS attribute should be unique, some specialty hardware devices have duplicate identifiers. Exclude this duplicate identifier and rely on the unique MAC address of each device.

To add hardware identifiers for Configuration Manager to ignore

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, go to Administration > Overview > Site Configuration > Sites.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Sites group, choose Hierarchy Settings.
  3. On the Client Approval and Conflicting Records tab, choose Add in the Duplicate hardware identifiers section to add new hardware identifiers.

Software Metering Reports not working for new Rules

I came across an issue today  that when I created some new software metering rules that no data was being reported back and the reports were empty.

After a quick search the recommendation is to delete the RULECHG.RTA file from the “%installdir%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\” inbox, however I found that this file did not exist. Rather I had a lot of RT4, RT6 &  RT18 files.

To fix what I had done was remove the rules I created,  remove those files from the inbox (copy to a temp folder). Create the rules again and check the reports.

It seems the rules were actually effective as data was being collected however no data was showing, since putting the fix in above the data now shows.