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SCCM 1806 – Site server high availability

Starting in Configuration Manager version 1806, high availability for the site server role is a Configuration Manager-based solution to install an additional site server in passive mode. The site server in passive mode is in addition to your existing site server that is in active mode. A site server in passive mode is available for immediate use, when needed. Include this additional site server as part of your overall design for making the Configuration Manager service highly available.

A site server in passive mode:

  • Uses the same site database as your site server in active mode.
  • Doesn’t write data to the site database when it’s in passive mode.
  • Uses the same content library as your site server in active mode.

To make the site server in passive mode become active, you manually promote it. This action switches the site server in active mode to be the site server in passive mode. The site system roles that are available on the original active mode server remain available so long as that computer is accessible. Only the site server role is switched between active and passive modes.

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Weekly News – Microsoft Ignite – Windows Feature Update Size

So this week I am at Microsoft Ignite, only the start of day 2 at the moment but already some useful information. I will add more as the week goes on.

So apart from the heavy talk of cloud, the Desktop Track has some good news. A big focus seems to be around Windows Feature updates and how these will be managed going forward.

At the moment feature packs are huge, the ISO around 3.5GB and SCCM/WSUS deployments using ESD are about 1GB less. They plan to get this even smaller using something called a differential update which allows the client to only download what is required. This somewhat ties into express updates that were just released. The downside of this is that your WSUS/SCCM update point will need a much larger storage repository, these updates will take up to 5 times the storage of what you have now with WSUS so you will need weigh up whether the advantage of smaller updates to clients is worth the extra storage on your WSUS server and also your DP’s.



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